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Global Food Partners is a multinational consulting firm that works with businesses to implement and maintain high animal welfare and responsible sourcing policies to improve their profitability and sustainability. Learn more below, and contact us for a free consultation.


Our Services

We work with food & hospitality businesses looking to transition to a more responsible food supply chain. We believe adopting responsible sourcing policies will lead to increased business value for our clients.

While every client engagement is unique, most involve three phases: planning, implementation, and support.



Procurement Assessment

We conduct comprehensive surveys and in-person farm visits to assess what solutions are available for our client’s unique situation.

Policy Writing

We help clients develop actionable policy language.

Strategic Timeline

Based on our assessment and client’s needs, we build a timeline for implementation of animal welfare goals.



Supplier Relations

Depending on the situation, we either work with our client’s existing supplier to help them meet welfare requirements, or use our proprietary network to help our clients find a new supplier.

Creative Solutions

We develop innovative, localized solutions to help our clients fulfill their animal welfare goals.

Stakeholder Engagement

We help ensure procurement strategies succeed by helping management engage both internal and external stakeholders.



Risk Management

We develop strategies for risk mitigation to minimize exposure and vulnerability, and to ensure long-term risk resilience in our client's supply chain.

Regional Monitoring

We stay informed on current and emerging procurement topics in individual markets and update our clients on important news, requirements, and opportunities in their area.

Reporting & Communication

We help our clients communicate and report their commitments and progress, and narrate their impact story to key stakeholders.

Supplier Support

We provide technical guidance to suppliers to transition and implement high welfare production practices, and to create competitive advantages, including on third-party certification, traceability systems, and facilitating market access.

About Global Food Partners

Our team has extensive corporate and on-farm experience developing and executing animal welfare policies and production practices. After spending a combined 30 years in the food supply chain and responsible animal sourcing industries, our founding team experienced firsthand the challenges businesses face in implementing and maintaining responsible procurement policies.

They founded Global Food Partners to help businesses navigate this complex supply chain, meet their responsible sourcing commitments, and improve both profitability and sustainability.

Why Global Food Partners


We understand the industry in a way other firms can’t. We’ve dedicated our entire careers to this field, and bring those years of context and experience to each client engagement.


Not only do we know the industry, we know the people. Our extensive relationships with suppliers, advocacy groups, and regulatory agencies helps us deliver fast, cost-effective implementations for our clients.


Our clients pay for our work, not our overhead. We build each team around our client’s unique needs, ensuring that every dollar billed directly results in value for our clients.


We customize our project scope to fit the precise needs of each client. As a privately-held firm, we’re unburdened by red tape, meaning we have more freedom to explore innovative solutions for our clients and implement those solutions quickly.


Working with Global Food Partners means you’re collaborating directly with our experienced founding team. We purposefully adopt a niche, low-volume approach so we can guarantee the highest quality care for our clients.

Our Partners


GFP and VIV Qingdao, the leading international Feed to Food exhibition, have partnered to support the Chinese egg industry in its transition to higher welfare, cage-free egg production. The two organizations will combine their knowledge and expertise to build capacity in the egg industry through a series of learning and training activities, such as publications, webinars, seminars and workshops for farmers in China.


Impact Alliance is a first of its kind collaboration between leading sustainability standard owners and organizations, including Textile Exchange (leather and cotton), Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, Proterra (soy), and Global Food Partners (cage-free eggs). As a founding member of the Alliance, we offer cage-free egg Impact Incentives and Impact Partnerships, important tools that help our clients fulfill their cage-free egg commitments and accelerate cage-free production in Asia.


Aeres University of Applied Sciences is a leading agricultural university based in the Netherlands with expertise in international poultry production and management. GFP and Aeres have partnered to establish an Indonesia-based training center and model cage-free egg farm focused on cage-free management and production for Asian farmers, in order to increase the long-term sustainability and competitiveness of the egg industry in the region.


GFP and VIV Asia are partnering to support egg producers who are interested in transitioning to cage-free egg production. At March 2023 VIV Asia conference, GFP will hold a cage-free workshop titled "Building an Ecosystem for Cage-free Egg Production in Asia," which brings together industry experts to share expertise and experiences in accelerating and future-proofing the egg industry in Asia. 

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