The Sustainable Table - Business Leaders Talk Welfare

Join Elissa Lane, the dynamic CEO of Global Food Partners, on her podcast
In this enlightening series, "The Sustainable Table - Business Leaders Talk Welfare", Elissa engages with top business leaders at the forefront of integrating animal welfare and sustainability into their corporate ethos and operations.
Each episode features a new guest sharing their personal and professional journey towards more ethical business practices. These conversations illuminate the practicalities and challenges of adopting sustainable and animal-friendly policies, revealing how these leaders are influencing positive change within their industries.
Listeners will be inspired by stories of innovation, from implementing responsible sourcing strategies to leveraging cutting-edg technologies for sustainable sourcing. The podcast highlights the business benefits of such practices and delves into their broader societal and ecological impacts.
"The Sustainable Table - Business Leaders Talk Welfare," hosted by Elissa Lane, is a must-listen for anyone interested in how contemporary businesses are navigating the path to a more sustainable and humane future.
Season 1, Episode 2 — Sustainability Insights from Ron Pohl, President of International Operations at BWH Hotel Group: Thinking Globally to Create Impact for the Planet and Animals
Meet Ron Pohl, the visionary leader driving corporate sustainability at BWH Hotel Group and World Hotels. As President of International Operations at BWH Hotel Group and President of WorldHotels, Ron shares how sustainability and doing the right thing are not just corporate goals, but a very personal commitment. In our captivating chat, Ron uncovers the details of BWH's latest initiative, "Because We Care", designed to make a positive impact on the environment and society, across the 100 countries in which they operate globally. This initiative falls perfectly in line with their global cage-free egg commitment, reinforcing the company's mission to improve animal welfare. 

Tune in to hear more about Ron's sustainability journey, the cage-free challenges and opportunities Best Western is experiencing in Asia, and the company's localised approach to creating impact, while respecting local differences and communities.
Season 1, Episode 1 — Pioneering Cage-free Sourcing in China: A Conversation with Christine Wen, Compass Group China
In this inaugural episode of "The Sustainable Table - Business Leaders Talk Welfare," host Elissa Lane, GFP CEO and co-founder, welcomes Christine Wen, Procurement and Supply Chain Director at Compass Group China. Based in the city of Shanghai, Christine has been a key player in revolutionising sourcing strategies to embrace sustainability and animal welfare.

Join us as Christine shares her journey over the past year and a half, working closely with Elissa and her team at Global Food Partners. This collaboration has been instrumental in developing Compass Group China’s cage-free implementation roadmap, marking a significant step towards successful implementation of their cage-free policy and sustainable and ethical food sourcing in China.

Christine delves into the challenges and successes of initiating and executing this groundbreaking shift to cage-free eggs in one of the world's largest markets. This episode offers a rare glimpse into the complexities of integrating cage-free policies in a corporate setting and its ripple effects on suppliers, consumers, and the industry at large.

Tune in for an inspiring story of change, leadership, and commitment to a more sustainable future in the food and hospitality industry.

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