Announcing Partnership with Indonesia’s Leading Supermarket Chain—Super Indo—and Universitas Gadjah Mada to Transform the Indonesian Cage-free Egg Market

December 8th, 2022

We’re thrilled to close out the year with a major partnership announcement in Indonesia. On 8 December, at a press conference in Jakarta, we signed a collaboration agreement with Super Indo, Indonesia’s largest supermarket chain, and the Faculty of Animal Science, Universitas Gadjah Mada (FAS UGM), one of the country’s leading universities.

Through this partnership, we’ve committed to working together to transform the Indonesian cage-free egg market. As the largest supermarket chain in Indonesia, with 211 stores across 40 cities, this partnership will have a major impact on the cage-free landscape in the country. Through our on-farm technical support and training centre in Indonesia, the Cage-free Innovation and Welfare Hub, we’ll be able to help Super Indo’s egg suppliers adopt best practice cage-free production systems and take advantage of growing cage-free market opportunities.

The collaboration will consist of:

  • Providing robust capacity-building and technical training to Super Indo’s egg suppliers so that they can successfully adopt cage-free production systems. The trainings will be carried out by the Global Food Partners and UGM technical teams.
  • Developing and launching initiatives that increase the demand and availability of cage-free eggs in Indonesia, including training, educational, and marketing materials, including in-store marketing materials, at Super Indo supermarkets.
  • Through increased capacity building of Super Indo suppliers, Super Indo can increase its availability of higher welfare and quality cage-free eggs at its supermarkets

We look forward to working with our current and new partners and clients into the new year. If you work for a food retailer or other type of food or hospitality business, and are interested in working together to increase cage-free sourcing and accelerate production – reach out to us at team@globalfoodpartners.com. We’re always happy to partner with like-minded industry stakeholders in Indonesia and across Asia who want to create real change for farmers, consumers, and animals. Lastly, do check out our cage-free online courses on Global Food Partners Academy.


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