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Cage-free Farms in Indonesia

Increasing yield and economic viability


About the farm



(open house)

Housing system


Layer hens

The Challenge

Global Food Partners entered into a partnership with Indonesian egg producer PT. Inti Prima Satwa Sejahtera (IPSS), Jawa Barat to:

  • provide technical support to optimise their cage-free farm.
  • implement best practices in layer hen welfare and farm management.
  • facilitate market access to enable the sale of cage-free eggs.

How GFP helped


Solution Phase 1

Auditing the production (laying) facility

  • Initial on-farm needs assessment of farm management, biosecurity protocols, flock health and productivity, and facilities and equipment.
  • Advising on optimal environmental conditions, including high-quality litter and enrichment objects for hens to exhibit natural behaviours, thereby minimising aggression and feather pecking.

Solution Phase 2

Upskilling farm staff

  • Delivering training to enhance farm staff skills in animal welfare, stockpersonship, environmental enrichment, and bird health and monitoring.

Solution Phase 3

Ongoing technical support

  • Advice to improve productivity and mortality rates (ongoing basis).

Solution Phase 4

Market linkages with egg buyers 

  • Coordinating a corporate roundtable event, facilitating interactions and sales of cage-free eggs to major hotel chains in Indonesia.

Testimonial from PT. IPSS


"Global Food Partners provided valuable advice in the process of maintaining our cage-free laying hen farm. The scientific team at Global Food Partners gave recommendations to us to enhance our biosecurity and add enrichments such as limestone, bottles, grains, and vegetables in each pen. The positive impacts of these changes were noticeable, including reduced aggressive behaviour, more stable egg production, and an extended production period."

The Results

Peak egg production rate:


Single tier (open house)

Floor eggs:


Mortality rate:


Hens achieved >80% productivity in late stage of life, and were culled at 84 weeks (instead of 78 weeks).

As of writing, PT. IPSS is the largest, pioneering cage-free egg producers in Indonesia.

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