Compass Group’s New Formula to Achieve its 2025  
Cage-free Deadline

June 2024 blog

Last month in its 2024 Animal Welfare Progress Report, Compass Group – the world’s largest food service company  – shared its new formula to achieve its 2025 cage-free egg commitment. The company will source cage-free eggs wherever available, and use cage-free credits (Impact Incentives) to fill any gaps. This approach ensures Compass Group will meet its cage-free deadline by the end of 2025, even in challenging markets.

Why Incentives? 

With 2025 commitment deadlines quickly approaching, our credits program guarantees you can fulfil your global commitment on time. Impact Incentives are the perfect solution to some of the most common implementation challenges, including: 

  • Prohibitively high prices 
  • Insufficient supply of shell and processed (e.g. liquid, powder) cage-free eggs 
  • Difficulty in delivering cage-free eggs to remote locations 
  • Existing contracts with conventional caged egg suppliers that cannot be broken 
  • Not meeting the supplier's minimum order quantity (MOQ) for cage-free processed eggs 
  • Time constraints: even if a producer is willing to start or expand cage-free operations, farms need to be set up immediately to ensure sufficient egg availability by the end of 2025 

Compass Group's formula is straightforward: physical eggs (wherever available) + credits = cage-free commitment fulfilled. You can implement this same formula to achieve 100% cage-free fulfilment. 

What are Impact Incentives?

Impact Incentives are a new-and-improved Book and Claim credit system for eggs. If challenges prevent a food business from sourcing cage-free eggs, it can continue buying caged eggs from its existing suppliers. The company can then offset these caged eggs by buying 'Incentives', achieving a 100% cage-free position.

Fast and simple – here's how it works:
  1. Identify where you cannot source physical cage-free eggs
  2. Calculate the total number of eggs to offset
  3. Based on the volume, GFP liaises with producers and calculates the cost of credits
  4. Pay for the credits
  5. Reports fulfillment of your cage-free commitment
There are a lot of benefits of using Impact Incentives, including:
  • Fulfilling your commitment: Regardless of challenges you’re facing, Incentives ensure you can meet your commitment deadline
  • Reducing costs: Your company could save tens of thousands of dollars per year using Incentives
  • Reporting to advocacy organisations: major animal advocacy groups, including Mercy for Animals, The Humane League, members of the Open Wing Alliance ,and Sinergia Animal, endorse this program as a way to meet commitments
  • Supply chain stability: Easy fulfilment of commitment without changing suppliers
  • Supporting local farmers: The money goes directly to local farmers, supporting high welfare cage-free producers

Fulfilling your cage-free commitment by the end of 2025 is 100% feasible, and we’d love to help you get started with Incentives. Reach out to our Chief Program Officer, Jayasimha Nuggehalli, at j.nuggehalli@globalfoodpartners.com for a free consultation.

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