Mapping Stakeholders: Supporting the Transition to Cage-Free Egg Production Systems in China

March 16th, 2022


On the 29th of March we’ll be holding a webinar to present the results of our research project – Mapping Stakeholders: Supporting the Transition to Cage-free Egg Production Systems in China.

Our work in China – the world’s leading egg producer – has gained a lot of momentum, as food businesses strive to meet their cage-free commitments in a country where most hens are still housed in cages. 

To increase the availability of cage-free eggs in China, we are creating an ecosystem in which cage-free production can thrive and be economically viable for stakeholders on both sides of the supply chain - buyers and sellers. Creating this ecosystem requires a deep understanding of the key stakeholders who are already involved and those who can be more engaged. We therefore conducted a project to identify the key stakeholders and make recommendations for engagement. The results of this research will continue to inform our activities in China, to ensure they remain evidence-based and effective in producing results. 

We hope the results are helpful to others working in this area in China.

Carrying out this research involved:

1) A review of scientific literature on topics including egg distribution channels to form an initial network of relevant stakeholders
2) A review of publicly accessible information such as government documents, media reports, and social media platforms
3) Interviews with key stakeholders using a purposive sampling strategy
4) Analysis of the findings to determine the level of influence of different stakeholders 
5) Development of tailored recommendations to effectively engage with different stakeholders

In the webinar, our China Programme Manager, Lisa Yang, will present on:

  • The landscape of the Chinese Egg Industry
  • The key stakeholders that impact the transition to cage-free production in China
  • Engagement strategies we recommend to best support the transition to cage-free in China, based on our research

Cage-free egg production is currently growing in China. As our research shows, there’s a diversity of stakeholders casting influence over the transition to cage-free production. Through this mapping and analysis, we can make sure to engage effectively with the right stakeholders. This will allow the efficient utilisation of resources and enhance the support we can provide to the industry in China.  

You may register for the webinar at this link – we look forward to seeing you on March 29th!

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