New Year, Launch of New GFP Academy: E-Learning Hub for Cage-Free Courses and Resources

January 14th, 2022


First of all, happy New Year from all of us at Global Food Partners! 

We’re thrilled to kick off the new year with the launch of our new e-learning Hub – Global Food Partners Academy. As part of our work to support a sustainable and profitable transition to cage-free egg production and sourcing, the Academy offers important resources for egg producers and food and hospitality businesses, from virtual courses to virtual reality farm tours.

The Academy resources have been developed by GFP’s team of experts who have extensive experience on-farm and working with F&B/hospitality companies across the world.

Here are some of the courses and tools now available at GFP Academy:

For egg producers

E-learning courses

As the egg industry adapts to meet growing consumer demand for cage-free eggs, farmers are seeking the skills and knowledge to operate productive and profitable cage-free farms. Farmers have identified a need for more training in areas including farm management and hen health and behaviour.

Our first course “Cage-free Egg Production: The Basics” targets egg producers looking to take advantage of the growing cage-free opportunities in Asia and globally. These include both conventional cage producers looking to transition to cage-free systems, and cage-free farmers looking to improve their current systems. Learning modules include introduction to animal welfare and cage-free farming, monitoring bird health and behaviour; biosecurity; disease prevention; and egg productivity.

This introductory course (7 modules) is currently available in English and Chinese and will soon be launched in other languages including Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, and Korean. The full course (22 modules) will be launched later this year.

The course is also suitable for veterinarians, government officials, auditors, students and other industry stakeholders interested in learning about best practice cage-free production.

The content has been developed by Global Food Partners’ science and extension team in collaboration with Netherlands-based Aeres University of Applied Sciences. The team from Global Food Partners and Aeres have decades of experience working with poultry industries and delivering on-farm training on the adoption of best practices in cage-free egg production across the world.

To learn more about the English course, enrol here. For the Mandarin course, those located outside of China can enrol via GFP Academy here. For those located in China, the course is available on a local e-learning platform, and can be accessed using the QR code here.

Virtual reality farm tour

This self-navigated tour offers a 360-degree view of a cage-free aviary system and includes a number of informational ‘hot spots’. These hot spots highlight various features of cage-free systems, including enrichment, stocking density and other key production and management aspects.

For food and hospitality businesses

Our first corporate course: “Fundamentals: Cage-free Egg Policy Development and Implementation” is a 90-minute course targeted at food and hospitality businesses with cage-free egg sourcing policies and those looking to incorporate this policy into their CSR and sustainability initiatives, in Asia and globally. The course provides companies’ staff with key information and tips to better understand and successfully implement their cage-free policies, and is recommended for different departments involved in this initiative, including CSR, sustainability, communications and marketing, and procurement.

Course modules include: Cage-free Basics, Communications & Reporting, CSR & Responsible Sourcing, Policy Implementation, which cover a wide range of topics from cost of cage-free, to effective communication with stakeholders, working with egg suppliers, progress reporting and certification.

The course is currently available in English and will soon be launched in Mandarin and Russian.

We hope you’ll visit our new Academy, and most importantly we hope these are useful tools that help you reach your cage-free goals. We’ll be continuously adding new learning resources in various languages, so stay tuned!

Wishing you the best in this new year!


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