Partnering to Support Food Businesses and Farmers in the Philippines

September 12th, 2022


Before we came together as a team at Global Food Partners, we each worked with food businesses and farmers around the globe on cage-free sourcing and production. We all heard the same need - that more support was needed in Asia. We decided to found Global Food Partners to bring our combined experience and expertise to accelerate progress in Asia. We made two commitments from the start: to always listen to what the industry needs and support them however they need to be supported. Secondly, to not do this work alone. The cage-free ecosystem we envisioned would only be built in partnership with other leaders.

We were beyond thrilled to announce last month new partnerships in the Philippines – with the Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) and Batangas Egg Producers Multipurpose Cooperative (BEPCO), a leading egg co-operative in the Philippines, which represents a quarter of all egg production in the country.

The objective of both partnerships is to support the country’s egg producers to adopt sustainable and economically-viable cage-free practices. We’ll provide technical expertise and support to farmers through our e-learning courses and on-farm consultations to implement best practices and optimise their cage-free production.

With BEPCO, we’ll also work together with food and hospitality businesses to form a Collaborative Initiative for Cage-free Egg Sourcing, a convening of food industry leaders committed to driving impact in the Philippines. By being part of this Collaborative Initiative, food businesses can source cage-free eggs from the vast network of BEPCO egg producers. The objective of this Initiative is for companies to meet their cage-free commitments and support cage-free egg production in the Philippines.

As Cecille Aldueza-Virtucio, Managing Director for BEPCO, stated in our press release, “[e]gg farmers in the Philippines are customer focused. Interest for cage-free farming is increasing as they see consumer demand increase. Through our partnership with GFP, we’ll be able to work with both buyers and farmers to evaluate needs and gaps and jointly develop solutions that benefit both sides of the supply chain.”

Like our partnerships and projects in other countries across Asia, our partnerships with ATI and BEPCO aim to build a system that will bridge the gap and build confidence between buyers and suppliers, so both sides of the supply chain benefit and meet their goals. Egg suppliers can gain the competitive edge they seek to meet growing demand for cage-free eggs. And buyers will be able to meet their cage-free commitments in the Philippines, through a reliable and affordable supply of cage-free eggs.

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