Message from
Amane Watahiki, 
Program Associate (Japan)
at Global Food Partners

Many global food and hospitality companies (hotels, tourism, etc.) have declared that they will switch to sourcing only cage-free eggs by 2025. These companies face high prices and limited supplies of cage-free eggs in Japan and other parts of Asia. Global Food Partners has provided a variety of solutions to help food and hospitality companies achieve their goals by the deadline. 


On the one hand, we have optimized the production process by providing technical assistance to the producers from whom they source their eggs, thereby lowering costs and increasing supply. On the other, we have developed a program called "Impact Incentives," which provides companies with a way to support their producers financially by offering financial incentives to those transitioning to cage-free while offsetting the use of regular eggs until production is on track. This program is especially beneficial for producers who are transitioning to cage-free production. 

In this webinar, we will discuss the "Impact Incentive" program in detail as a useful solution for both producers and companies that are transitioning to cage-free production. 

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