Message from
Dr. Kate Hartcher,
Director, Science & Extension at Global Food Partners

There is a trend towards the adoption of cage-free housing systems in the egg industry across Asia. While cage-free housing systems can hold significant animal welfare advantages over cages, there can also be challenges in adopting and managing these systems. 
Many multinational food companies have made cage-free commitments for their egg procurement, and they are now looking for solutions to fulfill their pledges. Leading food and hospitality businesses have cage-free commitments in Asia, but they are facing challenges in sourcing cage-free eggs due to lack of availability and high cost. 
Global Food Partners (GFP) is a Singapore-based multinational consultancy firm that provides support to food businesses and farmers and for a sustainable and economically viable transition to best practice cage-free egg production in Asia. 
We collaborated with 9 universities across the world and Surveyed 202 cage and cage-free egg producers in Japan, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. We uncovered information about the main challenges and proposed solutions associated with the adoption and maintenance of cage-free housing systems in the region. Our study provides important information to develop relevant initiatives to support egg producers in Japan and other countries in Asia.  
This presentation outlines some of the key findings from this study, and also gives information on some of the tools that GFP has developed to support egg farmers in Japan. 


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