Towards a Sustainable Future

Business opportunities and best practices
in cage-free egg production in Japan and Asia 

Updated: September 28th 2023

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Date and Time

November 9th (Thursday)
13:00 - 15:00
(Online, Zoom)



Deadline: November 7th (Tuesday)

Content of this workshop

It is frequently pointed out that CF production is especially difficult in Japan. It might be due to the high humidity, the culture of eating raw eggs (or TKG: tamago kake gohan), narrow landscape, or any other apparent reasons.  
In this workshop, "Towards a Sustainable Future: New business opportunities and best practices in cage-free egg production in Japan and Asia," we will share best practices of cage-free production and transition in Japan and other Asian countries after reconfirming the context in Japan.

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⏱️Date and Time

November 9th (Thursday), 2023: 13:00~15:00 

🏢 Venue

Online (Zoom) 
Zoom link will be sent after registration!


This event is especially recommended for

  • Egg producers, processors and distributors
  • Food and hospitality businesses looking to source cage-free eggs
  • Producer associations
  • Poultry veterinarians
  • Academics
  • Animal Science/Veterinary students
  • Governmental officials


Welcome Speeches

"Animal Welfare in the Japanese context"
Speaker: Professor. Shuichi Ito, Tokai University.

5 minutes break 

"Cage & cage-free egg producers’ perspectives of
adopting and maintaining cage-free systems across Asia
– research results "

Speaker: Dr. Kate Hatcher,  Director, Science & Extension, GFP

5 minutes break 

"Impact Incentives - how it helps both companies and producers - "
Speaker: Amane Watahiki, Program Associate (Japan), GFP

5 minutes break 

“About Aviaries – What challenges Natura Farm has faced with an Aviary System and How they overcame them?”
Speaker: Natura Farm, inc. CEO Ichiyanagi Noritaka 

Q & A




Dr. Shuichi Ito

Tokai University, Animal Science Department, 
Department Director

Dr. Shuichi Ito studied layer hens throughout his master's and Ph. D., he worked as a post-doctoral researcher for five years at a research institute affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (National Agricultural Research Organization), and is currently working on animal welfare issues for industrial and zoo animals at Tokai University. In 2022, he is co-authoring the country's newest animal welfare textbook with other leading researchers in the field of animal welfare.

Ichiyanagi Noritaka

Natura Farm Co., CEO

President of Natura Farm, LTD. (formerly Maruichi Chicken Farm Co., Ltd., URL: http://maru1.com/), a poultry farm in Saitama Prefecture. In 2006, he was the first in Asia to  start producing eggs using the "Aviary system," a three-dimensional cage-free shed, and in 2021, he built a third Aviary shed and currently rears approximately 30,000 chickens using this system. He still keeps about 150,000 birds in the cage system, and has steadily and successfully expanded cage-free egg production while familiarizing himself with the good and bad aspects of both housing systems. 


Dr. Kate Hatcher

Director, Science & Extension at GFP
& Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Queensland

Dr. Kate Hatcher is the Senior Animal Scientist at Global Food Partners, a multinational consultancy firm that provides expertise to farmers and other industry stakeholders on cage-free egg sourcing and production in Asia. Kate is also an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Queensland. She has a PhD in layer hen behaviour and welfare, an honours degree in animal science, and a decade of experience in livestock welfare, including farm inspections and standards-setting. 

Dr. Amane Watahiki

Program Associate at GFP

Watahiki leads Global Food Partners' work in Japan, and has worked with leading food and hospitality businesses to implement their cage-free egg commitments in the country. In his role at Global Food Partners, Watahiki also supports the company's Science and Extension team, working with egg producers to transition to best-practice cage-free egg production, and with other key industry stakeholders to build a sustainable cage-free ecosystem in Japan. Watahiti received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Tohoku University, where he is currently a research fellow.


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