Cage-Free Innovation and Welfare Hub Holds Training for Leaders Across Asia

February 16th, 2023

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Earlier this month we brought together poultry leaders – including farmers, managers of producer cooperatives, academics, genetic companies and others from across Asia - for a week-long training event at our Cage-free Innovation and Welfare Hub in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The training, led jointly by Global Food Partners, Universitas Gadjah Mada (Indonesia) and Aeres University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands), had participants from across Asia, including China, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and Singapore.

We are committed to building an ecosystem that supports a successful transition to cage-free production and sourcing in Asia. In line with our mission, the event aimed to develop a network of experts in the region trained in high welfare cage-free production. These experts will be able to support local egg industries to implement the learnings, accelerating cage-free production and sourcing in their countries and across the region.


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The training covered topics including:

  • animal welfare and behaviour of hens in cage-free systems
  • stockpersonship and bird handling
  • housing features, health, and genetics
  • market development and business models
  • theory of learning and teaching

The training included both theoretical and practical sessions, including visits to a local farm, bird assessments and handling, and collaborative learning activities in the classroom and on-farm.


The Cage-Free Innovation and Welfare Hub features a model farm and training centre and will officially open to the public in June. The Hub will hold regular on-site trainings and short courses for producers and other industry stakeholders in cage-free production.

The Hub is set to become a centre of excellence for the advancement of cage-free egg production and animal welfare in Indonesia and across Asia. We are excited to see the impact that our Hub will have in helping the industry succeed in cage-free production and sourcing in the region.

If you want to get involved or learn more about the Hub, contact us at team@globalfoodpartners.com.