Press Release: Global Food Partners and Shanxi Agricultural University Inaugurate China’s First Cage-Free Model Farm and Training Centre

May 28th, 2024

Shanxi, China – 28 May 2024 - Global Food Partners (GFP), in collaboration with Shanxi Agricultural University (SXU), is proud to announce the inauguration of China's first cage-free egg model farm and training centre in Shanxi, China. This pioneering initiative is designed to support and provide a localised model for egg producers and other industry stakeholders seeking to transition to cage-free egg production across China, the world’s leading egg-producing country. 

The model farm was refurbished from a conventional caged system to a cage-free aviary barn, in order to provide a successful blueprint and localised model for farmers looking to carry out this same transition in China. The project demonstrates the feasibility and economic viability for farmers to retrofit existing caged barns to cage free. 

The inauguration event, held on the morning of May 28th, was attended by esteemed leaders from Shanxi Provincial Agriculture Office, Shanxi Agricultural University officials, egg producers and representatives from GFP and SXAU’s Cage-free Industry Consortium, including Big Dutchman, Hato Lighting, Xiaoming, Integrated Quality Consulting (IQC),  Shenmu Technology and Utrecht University. Their collective presence underscores the broad support and collaboration within the industry to promote cage-free egg production. 

As consumer demand for cage-free eggs increases in China, egg producers have expressed a need for more training and technical support to transition to or optimise their cage-free production systems. First-of-its-kind in China, this centre will give producers the training they need to ensure sustainability, including good welfare practices and a competitive business advantage. The centre will provide practical training in best practices in cage-free management, offer a research and development centre and serve farmers, auditors, veterinarians and other industry stakeholders regionwide.  

"We are thrilled to partner with Shanxi Agricultural University on this groundbreaking project," said Lisa Yang, Director of Programs for Global Food Partners in China. "This model farm and training centre is a testament to our commitment to improving animal welfare and creating a cage-free ecosystem in China that will allow producers to successfully navigate the transition to cage-free eggs and bring together relevant stakeholders to ensure long-term success, sustainability, and profitability.” 

Professor Li from Shanxi Agricultural University added, "This centre will play a crucial role in educating and training current and future generations of egg producers. Our collaboration with Global Food Partners and other industry leaders highlights the importance of innovation and cooperation in achieving significant advancements in agricultural practices." 

For more information about the cage-free model farm and training centre, please contact: 

Bailey Liu
Programme Manager
Global Food Partners
+86 19113222357




Global Food Partners is dedicated to working with food businesses and egg producers across China to support their transition to cage-free sourcing and production. Through partnerships and educational initiatives, Global Food Partners strives to promote sustainable and humane agricultural practices. 

About Shanxi Agricultural University

Shanxi Agricultural University is a leading institution committed to advancing agricultural research, education, and innovation. The university collaborates with industry partners to enhance agricultural practices and improve food production systems. 

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