Case study

Establishing and Optimising a Cage-free Farm in China

Improving productivity and profitability


About the farm




Housing system


Layer hens

The Challenge

Global Food Partners entered into a partnership with Chinese egg producer PingYao WeiHai to:

  • provide technical support to establish and optimise a cage-free farm. 
  • implement best practices in farm management.
  • facilitate market access to enable the sale of cage-free eggs. 

How GFP helped


Solution Phase 1

Establishing the cage-free rearing facility

  • Initial on-farm needs assessment, and technical support for chick placement, brooding (0-14 days of age), as well as facility and equipment management. 

Solution Phase 2

Establishing the production (laying) facility

  • Hands-on support was provided when birds were placed at the laying facility.
  • Advice and support to achieve optimal farm management and environmental conditions including lighting and enrichment.
  • Addressing key challenges including optimising the use of nest boxes to minimise floor eggs.

Solution Phase 3

Ongoing technical support

  • Advice to improve productivity and mortality rates (ongoing basis).

Testimonial from Pingyao Weihai


"Global Food Partners provided valuable advice on raising pullets and layers in a cage-free system for Pingyao Weihai. As one of the first egg producers in China to adopt the aviary system at a large scale, we pay great attention to technological upgrading in all aspects of farming and farm management. The scientific team at Global Food Partners provided helpful guidance and support for our production and staff capacity building by drawing on industry best practices in other countries. China's future cage-free egg production needs to rely on advanced technology and expertise to further grow bigger and stronger.”

The Results

Peak egg production rate:
More than


Floor eggs:
Less than


Mortality rate:
Less than


One of the first in Asia to receive Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) certification

PingYao WeiHai stands out as one of China's pioneering and highly successful cage-free egg producers

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