Project Manager, Producer Engagement - India
(Independent Contractor)

Global Food Partners (GFP) is seeking a Project Manager to oversee and progress its producer engagement work in India.

Global Food Partners is a Singapore-based multinational consulting firm that works with food businesses and egg producers to implement and maintain high animal welfare responsible sourcing policies and production practices, with a focus on cage-free eggs in Asia. For more information visit www.globalfoodpartners.com.

About the role

The role of the Project Manager is primarily to oversee and progress the development of GFP’s producer engagement work in India in collaboration with the Cage-Free and Free-Range Poultry Producers Association (CFFRPPA). The Project Manager shall serve as the primary liaison between GFP and CFFRPPA, will coordinate the provision of technical assistance to CFFRPPA’s members, and will work with egg producers to facilitate the transition to best practice cage-free egg production.

This project is part of our work supporting the transition to cage-free egg production systems and improving layer hen welfare in India. This role will involve working remotely with an international team geographically dispersed in different countries and will involve both desk and field work.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Working with egg producers and other key industry stakeholders in India to implement high welfare, best-practice cage-free production systems. 

  • Assisting in program activities including producer focus groups, egg supply chain assessments, and producer training programs.

  • Promoting the cage-free egg industry, and membership in CFFRPPA, to various stakeholders, including food and hospitality companies and egg producers in India.

  • Facilitating the provision of technical and scientific support to egg producers in India in order to enhance the capabilities and build capacity of the farmers in cage-free production.

  • Disseminating information regarding cage free poultry production, domestic and international market trends and opportunities.

  • Conducting research projects where relevant, including but not limited to focus groups with egg producers and needs assessments.

  • Building and maintaining a database of Indian egg producers, industry associations, academics, and other relevant industry stakeholders; building relationships and partnerships with these stakeholders.

  • Serving as a point of contact for Indian egg producers and other industry stakeholders.

  • Assisting in the development and review of various Indian language resources. 

  • Identifying and developing new and existing opportunities to advance GFP’s work in India, including through partnerships, events, and research. 

  • Serving as a spokesperson for GFP in meetings, media interviews, and public speaking engagements such as seminars, workshops, and conferences, to promote a shift towards higher welfare cage-free production systems, and garner greater visibility for the company. 

  • Other responsibilities assigned by the supervisor.


We are a small, dynamic team seeking a highly motivated and proactive individual to contribute to our work. The successful candidate will:

  • Have project management experience, or demonstrated ability to be able to fulfill the responsibilities of the role (as above)

  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and Hindi

  • Have excellent organisational, problem-solving skills and attention to detail

  • Be proficient in Microsoft Office applications

  • Work well independently and as part of a team

  • Have a strong commitment to advancing higher welfare farm animal production

  • Have scientific, agricultural or project management qualifications or experience, ideally in livestock production or welfare

  • Ideally, have knowledge in laying-hen welfare and egg production systems.

Global Food Partners is committed to creating the most diverse and inclusive environment possible, free from bias and discrimination both during the application process and on the job. We simply seek out the best talent who share in our mission and vision. We prioritise hiring people from underrepresented groups and strongly encourage people of every colour, orientation, age, gender, and origin to apply.

Details and How to Apply

  • Position type: Consultant/Independent contractor

  • Hours of consultancy: Full-time; 40 hours per week

  • Rate of Pay: The rate of pay will be calculated on an hourly basis and will be based on, among other things, a candidate’s experience and education.

  • Location: Remotely, anywhere in India.
  • Application Deadline: 29 February, 2024, 11.59pm SST. We will be assessing candidates on a rolling basis, so please apply now.

  • Application process: Please send the following to apply@globalfoodpartners.com

    • Your CV and cover letter (of 1-2 pages) including what motivated you to apply for this role and how you meet the requirements

    • Optional – other materials you think would be relevant to your application such as samples of your previous work.

  •  Any questions? If you have any questions about this role or would like more information, please do reach out to us at apply@globalfoodpartners.com.

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