Cage-Free Commitment Deadlines are Approaching, and We're Here to Help

January 24th, 2023

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Happy New Year from all of us at Global Food Partners! It’s already 2023, which means many companies now have only 24 months to meet their 2025 cage-free deadlines. This is doable, but companies need to take action now. We’re here to help you meet their deadlines in challenging markets in Asia.

Food and hospitality clients come to us because they are looking to:

  • Reduce the cost of sourcing cage-free eggs
  • Make and report meaningful implementation progress on various animal advocacy benchmarking and tracking initiatives
  • Share impact stories with stakeholders like investors, shareholders, and clients
  • Ensure they can fulfill their commitments to go cage-free in Asian markets
  • Save their procurement teams time and energy, trying to go cage-free and not getting results

What we deliver:

  • Individualised implementation roadmaps, based on each client’s unique situation and needs. The roadmaps we develop will always be localised and created only after we conduct a thorough assessment of a company’s egg supply chain.
  • Cost reduction plans: making the transition to a cage-free supply chain can be budget friendly. Our roadmaps always include cost reduction plans, where we aim to reduce implementation cost to a company by up to 40%.
  • Impact stories — we help create impact stories that can be shared in a company’s annual reports and marketing materials.
  • We take the burden off of companies  — companies can avoid wasting time and energy on trial and error and not seeing favorable results. Our experts know which implementation strategies are effective and have a proven track record of success.

Check out some client testimonials below:

Compass Group India: “Cage-free sourcing has been challenging for us, given India's developing cage-free egg market. The Global Food Partners team is very experienced working with egg producers and suppliers in India and across Asia and carried out a thorough assessment of our supply chain, delivering implementation solutions that will ensure we meet our cage-free goals in the country. It's been a great experience working with GFP and they helped to develop a path to implement our cage-free egg policy in India."

Club med: “GFP has been able to provide us with implementation strategies and roadmaps for our Asian operations that we’ve found particularly challenging in terms of identifying viable cage-free egg suppliers and producers. We look forward to continuing to work with GFP to ensure we meet our cage-free targets in the region."

Meeting your cage-free deadline can be done — it requires proactive efforts now to make it happen. We are here to help and lead the way. You can reach out to us at team@globalfoodpartners.com for a free consultation or take our cage-free online courses on Global Food Partners Academy.

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